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Welcome to Croatian Viewpoint

Canadian-born of Anglo/Celtic ancestry Jean has a BA degree with a major in the history of the Croatian region.
Jean Lunt Marinovic inside St. Donat, Zadar Croatia
© J. Marinovic
Croatian-born of Croatian ancestry Ante is the author Of the poetry in ‘pjesme’.
Ante Marinovic at ancient Roman wall in Policnik Croatia
© A. Marinovic
" Croatian Viewpoint … 'a journey to freedom' is the independent website of A & J Marinovic, a husband and wife team. We are often asked "what is our website about" or "what is our main argument"? Our mission is to interpret the long Croatian journey to freedom.
The big challenge is to find meaning for the long journey to freedom in the bigger picture and in a modern context.   For the first time since the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights the Croatian people are beginning to experience acceptance of their identity, the recognition of their nation, freedom of expression and some measure of the equality and dignity that follow from these rights.  Justice however, remains illusive.

Some events in Croatian history have affected the wider region and the rest of the world as well as Croatian people. On our website we use an empirical approach to examine those events and documents from a United Nations Human Rights perspective.

Every attempt has been made to accredit all documentary sources, images and maps. The viewpoints expressed on this website are not representative of any organization or institution. "